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Case Update No 2 - 31/10/2023

The Tribunal Judiciaire de Paris (TJ) held its 'mise en état' hearing in the Winterfell Case, the Case of the Century at 9:45 on 31 October 2023. The 52 Defendants were given until 2 April 2024 to file their response to the Claimants reply on Incident No1 (preliminary jurisdictional objections made by the 52 Defendants). The court stressed the fact that all parties have to act timely as the matter of the Pleading of the Incident should not be prolonged beyond fall 2024. The Court also asked the Motorola Defendant what date the Appeal Delibere of the Motorola for the Judgement of Article 14 was (which Motorola has lost). The Court was informed that the date for the Decision of the Appeals Court for Motorola’s appeal was set for 7 November 2023. This Article 14 decision of the First instance won by the Claimants, and now under appeal, is a big legal event the definitive loss of which by Motorola with the Appeal Decision, will not only condemn Motorola on the 160-million-euro case but will also have a substantial impact on the Case of the Century. The next 'mise en état', Hearing date was set for 30 April 2024.

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